Where the Mind goes, the Qi follows


Late Summer Spleen Song

Late summer is about transition as we wind down and reflect upon the lessons of heart wisdom.  Clarity, feeling grounded or "at home" and the ability to "digest" information without feeling overwhelmed, are all signs of healthy spleen Qi.  Poor appetite, food cravings, lethargy, muscle weakness, excessive worrying and over-thinking are common symptoms of spleen imbalance.

$18 Single Class



Fragrant Qi Gong and Color Meditation

A series of fifteen simple powerful movements to build one's Qi and fill the aura in a balanced way. Good for healers and first timers who have not experienced physical manifestations of Qi. For those unable to stand, can be performed in seated posture. Health benefits are so enormous it is easier to list what it does not cover. Bring your family and friends! The bigger the group, the greater the benefits.

Class will end with a seated meditation, strengthening each organ through color visualization according to TCM.

$18 Single Class