We all have the power to heal ourselves through breath and movement.

My journey began in 2006 when my output was way more than my input.  I was prone to sickness all the time, and working in a restaurant environment made it emotionally challenging for me.  Also being a native of Chicago, I felt my immune system needed to be stronger. I knew there was a way to reclaim my energy and be grounded.

One of my first online experiences was meeting my teacher, Sifu Gail Galivan, who passed down a Medical Qi Gong lineage to me.  I remember my very first Qi Gong session gave me a deep sense of relaxation and connection. It was as if my brain suddenly rewired itself to a state of balance. All I needed to do was guide my body using breath and a particular movement, and my energy would shift. From then on I took private lessons, and eventually group classes. As I became more in tune to my own rhythms, my overall health improved and I felt so much more confident. This was a life changing feeling, and I knew I had to share this simple, yet mind-blowing practice with others.

In 2012 I became a Certified Medical Qi Gong Instructor, and continue to be inspired by its benefits today.  As a musician and singer, my energy and performance skills have grown together exponentially. The mindfulness of my practice has given me the perseverance to pursue all things soulful.  Cultivating Qi is an ever expanding experience that leaves me humbled and grateful. It is true what they say, the external world mirrors the internal one.



Practicing Qi Gong with Venus Sabay has been a revolutionary experience. While doing extensive work, I have been able to recognize, feel, and discover much more about my energy.  I have been able to prepare myself spiritually and to heal stagnant energy. . . . [O]verall, practicing Qi Gong has helped to improve my health, prevent chronic pain, and alleviate stress and intense emotions.- Rebecca V.

My experience with your . . .  classes has been powerful and meditative as well as a complement to the yoga I practice; The subtlety of Qi Gong generates a calm and shift in my energy which I consistently experience after each class. I also really appreciate your teaching style and serene presence which make a considerable difference. Lastly, I feel very connected to the guided meditations you end your classes with, pretty powerful. - Darcy L.

Your workshop was wonderful. I have been feeling fantastic since. I feel so grounded and centered. Even though I practice yoga, reiki, dance, etc. This has been that missing piece to my puzzle. Thank you for your energy and beautiful spirit! - Rachel A.

The Sound Healing session with Venus was very relaxing and clearing, I'm still feeling the effects a few days later. The bowls and other instruments sounded great. Highly recommended! -Dave R.

I feel above average today.  My concentration is so much better, and I feel so relaxed. -Erin C.

Venus' sound healing meditations are a deep dive into your own body, its healing power. Through the expertly facilitated healing sounds of Venus playing - crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, and more - you will be transported into relaxation and the waves of coming sound fill your body. I highly recommend personal healing bowl sessions with Venus before and after acupuncture treatments as well as group session during craniosacral massage. - Gretchen S.