Private Medical Qi Gong Instruction 

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese art and science form; it is self-healing through breath, postures, simple movements and meditation. One’s life energy is strengthened, cleansed, and circulated throughout the body and stored. In today’s world, it is crucial to cultivate one’s inner strength and knowing in times of uncertainty and stress. The rewards are life enhancing and sustaining.

In a classic one-on-one Qi Gong session we will address your particular needs and concerns:

  • Access the body’s meridians (energy channels)

  • Improve your overall input and output

  • Encourage balance and healing by making aware the physical manifestations of emotional distress

  • Create patterns of empowerment and positivity

  • Be conscious of what it means to be inside the body

Every exercise can be done while sitting or standing, and is simple enough for people of all ages with, or without, experience of Qi Gong.  Modifications are made for those who have a specific range of motion, or a medical history, so as to work within their ability.

*Group private sessions also available. Option to add sound healing meditation with crystal bowls.

Starting at $85/60 minutes