I've been in search of my "tribe" –likeminded, spiritual women–and felt like I found it tonight. I loved the combination of education and meditation. - Lizzie K.

I can't say enough positive things about these women's circles.  I've been several times and each time I walk away feeling more connected to myself and the women I shared space with. - Elizabeth B.

I had my first chelation experience with Venus. She has such a calm presence and the treatment was remarkable. I felt like so much was lifted - lighter. And strangely enough, when we spoke afterward, she also shared experiences that were the ones I felt and experienced. We were connected in ways I could not fully explain. I’ve also had a sound meditation class and a Qi Gong class with Venus. Both interesting and excellence. Highly recommend her talent and guidance to anyone. - Melissa H.

So easy to coordinate a private class with Venus! And her instruction was really, really wonderful. She was a great communicator, great instructor, very knowledgeable, and just a pleasure to spend time with. - Angie A.

I see Venus once a month for private vibrational sound therapy with Tibetan bowls. The sounds and vibrations generated by the bowls induce a highly relaxed state, giving me an opportunity to meditate, retreat into my mind and balance my energy. Venus is an empathetic therapist, very calm and easy to talk to. I've not experienced anything like this therapy; it is a rewarding and transformational experience that I eagerly anticipate every month. Venus is highly recommended! - Dan M.

I've had 6 or so treatments and have found them to be deeply meditative and restorative. I have them after an acupuncture session, which I prefer as I feel more settled and ready to meditate after clearing out emotions and energy through the acupuncture treatment. Venus has the just right technique of keeping the sound flowing and vibrating through you at the just right intensity. With each "bong" of the bowl I have different visions or pictures in my head creating a narrative unique to each session. It is a wonderful sensory experience. I had learned through psychotherapy that traumatic events can be "imprinted" on the body. I initially did the treatment weekly for four weeks to work through sad energy I had been carrying in my abdomen for some time after a pregnancy loss. The bowls are placed on various parts of your body, especially the abdomen. The treatment helped clear the lingering sadness out and I felt healed and ready to move forward again. I'm now on a maintenance and do it once a month. Venus is a kind, warm and positive spirit, who is an skilled artist with her craft. Highly recommend. - Shaina B.

Work with Venus! She's amazing! She has a really wonderful balance of down to earth energy and mysticism. She'll make you laugh AND move dense energy out of your home. She did a house clearing with me about a year ago and taught me the importance of setting intentions for each room in the home, clearing clutter, and loving what surrounds you. She taught me to think about what I'd like to invite in and what to ask to leave through the vibration of sound. The sounds bowls are full of ancient power and technology that break through energetic imprints so you can live happily and peacefully. I noticed a massive shift in my space. My roommates communication improved and all of the older items in the house went from feeling chaotic/like something was unfinished to feeling at peace. - Sacha F.