What is Qi Gong (Chee-Gung)?

Cheat sheet

“Qi” is life force that flows through all things in the Universe. “Gong” is skill acquired through time and practice. It’s the cultivation of energy, a self-healing practice to maintain health and increase vitality through breath, slow movement, and intention.

Sources of Qi:

  • Breath

  • Air

  • Food

  • Water

  • Environment

Qi is electromagnetic and circulates by way of meridians (energy channels), centers, and gateways in the body. Movement and breath generate Qi. The mind plays an essential role in directing Qi.

In Chinese Medicine, we have three main energy centers in the body called Dan Tians.

  • Upper Dan Tian (consciousness and brain function). Between the eyes, above the brow.

  • Middle Dan Tian (health of internal organs, and respiration). Heart center.

  • Lower Dan Tian (reproductive organs). Below the navel and inward 1-2 inches. This center is the primary focus in Qi Gong; the center of gravity.

The Dan Tians store and propel energy throughout the body, and behave like batteries that can be recharged through spiritual and physical practice. Take it slow! Relaxing is vital in Qi Gong, and awareness is the key to relaxation.