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Heart Chakra Meditation with Sound Healing

  • Namaskar Yoga 3946 North Southport Avenue Chicago, IL, 60613 United States (map)

Experience the effortless release of stagnant energies, mental blocks, and emotional stress! Sound has the profound ability to restore and harmonize the body on a cellular level. The resonant tones of the bowls calm the overactive mind into alpha and theta brainwave states. These frequencies access the subconscious, bring about deep insight, creativity, and spiritual awareness.

We will begin with a guided heart meditation to open up the heart center. We will tap into joy, universal love and creativity, allowing these energies to continue to expand while raising your body’s vibrations with Himalayan crystal bowls and chimes. Some common experiences are: a slight body buzzing sensation, peace of mind, warmth, and energetic lightness.

$20 Register by June 29th/$25