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Group Sound Healing Meditation and Acupuncture

  • Body + Brain Healing Center 904 West Madison Street Oak Park, IL 60302 United States (map)

Now at Body + Brain Healing Center in Oak Park!

The insertion and stimulation of needles increases blood flow to promote healing, releases endorphins, decreases the sympathetic nervous system activity (fight or flight response), activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response), and relaxes overly tight musculature.

Sound has the profound ability to restore and harmonize the body on a cellular level.  The resonant tones of Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and chimes calm the overactive mind into alpha and theta brainwave states.  These frequencies access the subconscious, bring about deep insight, creativity, and spiritual awareness.  While clearing and balancing the human energy field, the high frequency vibrations will create a more optimistic state of mind and well being.

Meditation can be done lying down or sitting up. 

$45 Members/$55 Pre Register/$65 Day Of